A source of good health

Visiona is the crystal in your life and a conduit for vision water, informed by quantum field technologies. The visioning process reminds the water of its spiritual origins.

In the beginning there was love, peace, purity, harmony, community, profound trust, protection, stability and vitality. This produces vastness and vitality in all areas of life. Visioning reconnects every human, animal, plant and site with this energy, each in resonance with his or her own vision.

What makes Visiona’s water energising method so special?

Water has the capacity to save and transport every single item of information. It’s a natural property Visiona taps into in order to transform harmful information and guarantee the stable transportation via elements bearing living and revitalising information.

Each of Visiona’s visioning devices consists of two chambers that contain information-bearing water assembled according to the principles of the Fibonacci spiral. Fibonacci spirals contain all the components found in life on earth. The purest available Gold 999 coats both chambers. Gold is important for all life on our planet. It’s antibacterial and has been always been valued for its excellent curative powers. It provides protection and helps to activate gold production in the pineal gland. There is gold in every cell in our bodies and it is important for cell communication and bodily rejuvenation, encouraging telomeres to grow again.

Discover the essence

  • Pollutant information is erased
  • Increased plant growth
  • Reduction in the degree of calcification
  • Improved water quality
  • Neutralises toxins
  • Harmonised technical radiation
  • PH value of acid water raised
  • Immune system strengthened
  • Water becomes softer
  • Detoxification triggered
  • Improved cleaning power
  • Extended periods of use
  • and lots more

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