Your path towards happiness and health

... leads through your innermost being to unconditional self-love and respect for yourself and others. Physical and mental pain often have deep-seated root causes. Therefore it is important to recognize, transform and dissolve these blockages, disturbances and toxins. In my work as a medial healer I support you in activating your self-healing powers. Through my knowledge and experience as an energetic healer I can positively influence the development of your soul and body.

I help you to find yourself, to make peace and to feel and mobilize your inner strength (again). Because healing is possible! It happens on a physical, mental and spiritual level - regardless of the type of suffering. Everybody goes his or her own pace, decides self-determined and self-responsible. I am there to accompany and support you on this path towards more light and love and act as a catalyst and mediator between you and the cosmic forces. My energetic, colorful paintings also have positive effects on the healing process. During one-on-one sessions, workshops, seminars and/or trainings we achieve our goal together: healing and peace for the whole world.

My path

I first had to heal myself in order to be able to accompany others on their healing journey. Already as a child I felt a special connection to the invisible world. I could read thoughts and also spoke them - much to the dismay the adults. So I stopped doing that, I started to fit into a social structure and to behave according to the norm. I was always accompanied by a deep sadness, which I tried to numb by a busy, busy everyday life. Only the painting of pictures provided me with relaxation. Art has been and remains a comfort for me throughout my life.

The turning point in my story was a near-death experience at the age of 16. I was considered clinically dead, already on the other side, and was sent back to fulfill my destiny. When I awoke from the anesthesia, my whole perception had changed. I could suddenly feel my soul again. It guided me back to my right path. This led from the countryside to the city of Salzburg, where I finished my apprenticeship as a baker and confectioner and later I managed a successful insurance agency.

I met inspiring people who strengthened and encouraged my interest in spiritual powers and spiritual energies. The first meditation was followed by lectures, trainings and education on the topics of Spiritual Surgery and Medial Healer. In 2013, I decided to end my lucrative insurance job to devote myself exclusively to my vocation as a healer. I had nothing but a couch in my living room, my knowledge and skills, and I was happier than ever. The darkness and my deep sadness were gone.

My accomplishment

Based on my own history and several years of activity as a medial healer, I know that nothing is impossible. Through the transmission of energy - "intelligent" love vibration, which adapts to each being individually - and activation of the self-healing powers deep healing happens in subtle and material body up to the cellular level (DNA). Also I was even allowed to experience spontaneous healings of severe sicknesses, from a medical point of view incurable diseases. Nothing fills my heart more than to see the positive development of my clients when the glow returns - in their eyes and their aura.

I am looking forward to supporting you on your healing journey / in becoming a healer as well!

Stefan ANNRAI Sieberer
Artist, energy worker,
spiritual surgeon and medial healer
- Energy work
- Spritual body work
- Activation of the light body and blueprint according to Natara®

Disclaimer: My services do not replace medical treatments, but they have a positive impact on the recovering process.


As a Medium Healer and Spiritual Surgeon, planning is crucial, which is why all appointments such as trips, seminars & workshops are always scheduled at the beginning of the year.

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