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Activation of your 3 Lemurian crystals

You carry the inheritance of Lemuria in you!

Samstag, 01.07.2023, von 17:00 bis circa 20:00 Uhr

During this seminar, you will be connected with 3 Lemurian crystals, which were once anchored on this planet in the Lemurian civilization. Your pets are automatically also initiated; they will receive their 3 crystals. Our bodies are made of crystals that hold together this structure of the body and the cells. That is why it is essential that they are reactivated so that harmony can be restored.

You will receive 3 physical crystals bathed in the real Ganges spring in the Himalayas, i.e. they are charged with the original Lemurian spring water because that is this Gange's spring. These beautiful crystals vibrate very powerfully and can be used for healing on many levels - and above all for yourself as well.

Through the activation, you will carry the energy and heritage of Lemuria in you again. This happens on the DNA level as well:

the anchoring of the blue Lemurian crystal in the hand chakras
the anchoring of the red Lemurian crystal in the 3rd eye
the anchoring of the black Lemurian crystal in the feet chakras

The 3 Lemurian crystals in your body radiate through you without you having to activate them. Not everything we carry within us belongs to us. Negative holograms can be erased, through which one is always held in the past and old habits, and therefore there is a constant struggle with health and freedom.

Lemurian holograms will assume a new place in you and will be activated for peace and beauty in your life. With this power and frequency of the crystals it is also possible for you to activate a vitality and liberation in humans, animals and plants on various levels. With it you can positively influence negative frequencies of substances already existing on the DNA level.

With these wonderful crystals you are also an ambassador for Lemuria, an ambassador for Lemurian peace.

With this initiation you are entitled to participate in the Trainer Training, which enables you to activate and anchor the 3 Lemurian Crystals in other people.

Disclaimer: My services do not replace medical treatments, but they have a positive impact on the recovering process.

Price for the training 999 euros


    01 07 2023


    17:00 - 20:00


    Neuematzen 4a, 6232 Münster, Österreich


    Neuematzen 4a, 6232 Münster, Austria

    Location 2

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    Stefan ANNRAI Sieberer


    Stefan ANNRAI Sieberer