Removal of the disc

Now also possible independently of the light body process!

What is the disc? The disc sits in the brain of every human being as they incarnate. Through it, everything in our body and energy field can be programmed, such as diseases, pain, death, family secrets, lack & negative frequencies. This extremely restricts life and makes it difficult to go the soul path. In addition, all parallel lives are active on other time planes through the disc.

By removing the disc, all parallel lives are deleted. The parallel lives have only distracted you from your present life, from the here and now, and cost you a lot of strength and energy, which you will then have available again for yourself and your life. Your brain with all your brain activities will be restructured and activated. You now have the possibility to program your mirror neurons yourself with
everything you want for yourself, like immortality, health, abundance...

Thus, for example, lack and diseases from the parallel lives are switched off, they are no longer nourished by the field of the disc. This also has effects on the other human beings, animal beings and plant beings, because you now also no longer exist in their time lines. This means that their lives are also developing quite differently now. The ancestor pictures fade in the ancestor gallery or the picture changes. (Parallel worlds are time lines, which we brought along, in order to exist there also still in the past. However, this has nothing to do with incarnation.

With the freedom of the disc, you can accept gifts much more. Many things become easier and there is less struggle.

• A very clear path can be lived now because there is no other way.

• People are more active and vibrant in life.

• All manifestations are experienced easier.

• The effects of the disc have made the body hard, metallic and full of acid. Now the whole body becomes more alkaline, feels lighter, less tight and painful. You can feel the body much better.


Seminar price: 1,800 euros

Removal of the disc

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