Here are some testimonials from people who have participated in my workshops or worked with me in various ways.

My experience with Stefan

I was traveling in Equador in 2019. By coincidence, I met a woman there who had done a healer training with Stefan. I was in the hotel there and she helped me with physical pain in the leg. The recovery happened completely overnight!!! I was fascinated!!! I also would like to help myself first and then help other people "recover"! So I went to Stefan. First I received the blueprint and then the healer 1 training, which was interrupted for a short time by the Corona virus. I only can recommend to everyone to go this path together with Stefan!

Peter on March 26th, 2020

A few years ago I got to know and appreciate Stefan Annrai and his work.

His work as a spiritual surgeon and medial healer has been very touching for me. I was privileged to attend several trainings and seminars with Stefan Annrai and each time it has been an encounter with myself. For 25 years I already have been following my spiritual and healing path, therefore Stefan Annrai came into my life at the right time. It was the right time for me to go new paths and through them to experience myself in a new way. I can only recommend the following trainings and seminars (which I already attended) to everyone:
Blueprint, Activation of the Golden Crystalline DNA, Activation of the light body, Medial Healer 1 and 2, Activation of One's Akashic Chronicle.

Thank you for your being, dear Stefan Annrai! -Manuela Francioni

Kornelia (52 years) from Würzburg/Germany.

"Annrai has a very deep knowledge. He has conveyed his profound knowledge in a very attentive and loving devotion. I did the medial healer training 2nd year in 2019 with him and was able to successfully apply the methods learned right away with my clients. I particularly liked that he always combined his professional healing knowledge with practical tips and gave us participants the opportunity for our own experiences. As a course participant, I had enough time to practice, and he always answered questions thoroughly. The course, which lasted several days, was well structured, as was the comprehensive script. At the same time there was time to integrate what I had learned and to regenerate. I can recommend Annrai at all times to anyone who has a real interest in effective medial healing methods."

Best wishes Yumatee

I met Stefan Annrai at an info evening in Switzerland and that's when my amazing journey to myself with him began.

His work is constantly inspiring me, because every time there is a tangible inner healing and opening, which is also reflected in my everyday life through my actions. I am becoming lighter, more alive and happier. Joyfully I have done following things already with Stefan Annrai.
Blueprint, Medial Healer 1, Golden Crystalline DNA, Activation of the light body, Training with Body Candles, Activation of my own Akasha Chronicle, the training as a Spiritual Surgeon brought me to Natara. Soon I will complete the training as a consultant and trainer "Addiction-free into the future", with Stefan Annrai as well. In Stefan I have found a very valued friend and brother.

I am very grateful to Stefan Annrai. -Marco Bernasconi

I am so grateful that Stefan showed up in my life.

Through him I met Natara and the other ascended masters, I found my inner being again, I healed my soul and my body and I also fulfilled my dream through my training as a medial healer.

It started with Medial Healer 1, 2 and 3, it continued with activation of the light body 1, spiritual surgery, and I will not stop... I will just keep learning, experiencing, helping....

If the people in Ecuador are open and willing, I will be allowed to acompany them in their healing processes.

Namaste -Elena Rayama Torres.

Dear Annrai, your wonderful energy of silence touched me deeply and made me find my inner truth. You have led me, without showing me the way with words, to my pure consciousness and freedom. For this I am infinitely grateful and feel blessed.

Through the healing techniques you taught me, I was able to feel and experience this incredibly powerful energy in the first week. At first, my mind rebelled and my doubts took over. However, my physical and spiritual healing could not be ignored and I found my confidence and my happiness again.

My confidence in myself, my love for myself and for the people around me, allow me to experience a feeling of profound peace.
I wish this deep peace to all humans in this world!!!

My insight: "When you read or hear something and your heart and soul within you begin to dance together for joy, you may know a profound truth in that moment."

Your loving and appreciative nature has already gotten me out of several lows!

In 2015 I was at the end because of my "ugly" divorce. 2 of my children and my family had turned away from me. I had to put my dog down. She had taken my cancer away from me. I had no idea how to go on. My statement at the time was always, "If I don't make it there is always the tree". Then in 2016 I heard about the blueprint. Without thinking twice, l got it. Until then, with therapy improvements would only lasts for 2-3 weeks. Since receiving my blueprint, I finally have no more energy vampires! Gradually I have been able to use my energy for myself again! From the Mh-training for suicie to - I am ready to live!

With the activation of the 1st light body massive issues were solved. The activation of the 2nd and 3rd light body provided me each time with more self-love, courage and strength to stand up for myself! Gradually finding my path to myself! I can feel how ultimately issues are disappearing and not just vanishing from the surface. Issues are resolved. Healing is happening. With excitement I am now doing the Medial Healer trainings!

Now I can help other people. Help them to get out of the low. I am walking proof! It works! Thanks to my elective family! Thanks to you Stefan! We've got each other's backs!

I am completely blown away by the "Healer Training" ! I love using the methods that we were tought by Stefan. After the training you feel like reborn, you are free from negative energies and substances and emerge as a new person, overflowing with enormous love and gratitude!
I thank Stefan for this great gift! ❤

I get to utilize the blueprint every day anew. It is so powerful that it saved me from a crash. Thank you that I have this ability and I can go my way full of confidence and all-round protection. I feel the same with the healer training. So much love, security and reorientation. Many thanks to Annrai and all the people who are accompanying us on this path. Liliane

In November 2018, I had the pleasure of meeting Stefan Annrai Sieberer at a blueprint evening. Without any assumptions or expectations, I enjoyed a very interesting evening. Stefan is an extremely friendly and kind-hearted person. I find his joyful nature, his vast knowledge, his loving interaction with people, animals and Mother Earth very admirable. He accepts everyone as they are.

The initiation into the blueprint has changed my life tremendously and opened up new paths for my personal development. I was allowed to experience and feel that my attitude towards life changed, my self-esteem was strengthened and I felt reconnected with the source and divine love. This was of enormous importance because after a very severe depression and taking strong medications such as psychotropic drugs, neuroleptics and benzodiazepines, I felt completely disconnected from everything and especially from my soul and being able to have access to my intuition. I still regularly participate in blueprint evenings after having received my own blueprint, because the energy is simply amazing and continually activates different ongoing processes that help to release old issues.

The activation of the 1st light body process (chakra 1- 12) was an unforgettable experience. It simply can not be put into words. Especially the cleansing and verticalization of the 12th chakra, the Kymic wedding, was the absolute highlight! I could clearly feel my higher self moving into my heart. It is a tremendous gift.

The activation of the light body gave me access to the IL-DO body candles and their professional application. It is a beautiful way to give myself, my family and my clients an hour of relaxation, in addition to releasing energy blockages. Each application is associated with so much joy, fascination and gratitude.

The initiation into the golden crystalline DNA was finally the highlight of a unique year of training with Stefan. I feel better than ever before and I love my life. Every day I get up full of gratitude and face the challenges of the day knowing of the many helpers in the spiritual world and trusting in my intuition.

Through all these methods I have changed and with me also my environment for the better. My family, which also received the initiation into the blueprint (including our cats) feel a great change in their everyday school and work life. They keep their inner calm even in stressful situation and can fully rely on their intuition. Together we walk the path of transformation.

With conviction and wholeheartedly I can recommend Stefan. It is a great gift and a huge enrichment to be able to walk one's soul's journey.
Warm regards Nicole


I met Stefan at an event of Kamasha, in Fulda in 2015.

Right from the start I found him to be very sympathetic and trustworthy, so I decided to attend a number of his seminars and trainings. (Blueprint, Golden Crystalline DNA, Medial Healer Trainings, activation of the light body, akasha records, Vitality Addiction Counselor).

Stefan was also always a helpful companion during the spiritual surgery training in 2018, which I did with my wife. The changes that I could observe in myself and my environment were on the one hand that my physical complaints gradually improved, on the other hand my consciousness changed, became more sensitive and my psychological ups and downs have stabilized.
Due to the energy increase, some friends distanced themselves from me, but I have gained many new, good friends.
Just the word "THANK YOU" does not match what I feel in my heart.
I am grateful for the friendship with Stefan and look forward to further meetings.

Busslehner Helmut


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