The Golden Crystalline DNA

Become the master

of your own life

In this research project, the impact of the "new" DNA is being researched and documented.

Because the DNA of the orgin family is stored in all cells. The information of the last 7 generations are stored on the DNA. This information affects life and this affects the family structure throughout the generations.

With the activation of the Golden Crystalline DNA in the pineal gland, the cells increasingly recovers the message of their own soul.

This means exiting the destiny of previous generations

The Golden Crystalline DNA is a wonderful manifesto that is now being made available to people so that they can experience their life to its fullest again.

The transfer of the Golden Crystalline DNA takes place over a period of approximately 7 hours. Three times the pineal gland is purified and the GCDNA is activated. Between each activation, the body needs 3 hours for integration.

Seminar price: 288 euros

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