Frequncy Codes

Healing at the cellular level with codes
and symbols of the divine matrix

By activating the "perfect" soul DNA codes from the quantum field, a powerful healing frequency for body, mind and soul is provided. The DNA codes are activated for you by the divine blueprint and you can use them for your perfect health and the elimination of viruses, bacteria and cancer cells.

The golden divine quantum field DNA code is absolute lightness. It opens your heart and you experience a deep level of peace. This is the code, on which the whole quantum field is built, and it works on all levels unlimitedly. Everything is illuminated by it, all cells, all organs, EVERYTHING!!!

The perfect soul DNA code for the soul brings you and your cells more and more into bliss. You live more and more your destiny and thus these states of diseases can dissolve. It is the perfect code to strengthen your body and DNA. It allows you to release old incarnational ties and manipulative initiations.

The perfect soul DNA code for water is for healing your cellular water, your blood and all the fluids in your body. Oronos says that if you are ready for this, then all the tumors, viruses and bacteria that are floating around in your cellular water can be healed with it. Through this code, the healing of our suppressed emotions and feelings is possible.

The perfect soul DNA code for the earth brings healing for the earth and for your places. Old energies can be released and the love energy can flow freely again. Also divine order is restored at places.

The soul DNA codes can be activated for all people, animals, plants and situations, so that divine order can be restored.

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