The possession of your foreign DNA strands is over! according to Natara®

The absolutely new training for the DNA strands of the future!

In this research project, the healing of the 9 destroyed DNA strands is researched and documented.

In the present time, they do not use guns and hand grenades as weapons, instead they use invisible weapons. With the DNA strands healed, the vaccinations will no longer destroy the DNA because they can only target and access the DNA strands of destruction.

In this profound seminar I activate the 9 healing frequency codes for you. This is how your own DNA strands come into perfection.

With the 9 peaceful frequencies I can work intensively to release and liberate your deep issues from their hidden places. You can free yourself from these negative frequencies and have your healed DNA strands activated.

Therefore, you no longer feel such destruction and such brokenness in yourself.  With destroyed DNA strands, it is very difficult to get out of self-destruction, because it is all a reflection.

These 9 frequencies help you to move from foreign manipulation to freedom:

1st Liberate the Scarcity and experience Abundance of your soul.

2nd Liberate Fear and experience Being Fearless.

3rd Liberate Self Humiliation and experience Self-Empowerment. 

4th Liberate Pettiness and experience Magnificence.

5th Liberate Control and experience Divine Health.

6th Liberate Emotional Wounds and experience Divine Miracles.

7th Liberate Exhaustion and experience "Divine Gold".

8th Liberate Time Constraint and experience Expansion of Time.

9th Liberate Fear and experience the "Victory of the war".

It is so amazing to experience this healing, this perfection and freedom, because destroyed DNA strands never bring freedom.

Seminar price: 999 euros

Liberation of your 9 DNA-strands

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