Bluepring initiation
and opening of the divine timelines

The blueprint is the divine field, the purest divine vibration and the place from which we come. The blueprint is the energy of the quantum field, is pure, intelligent love vibration. With the blueprint we are reconnected with the divine image of our soul, so that the divine order is allowed to take place in our lives and we gradually become fully reconnected with our original creative power. The divine vibrations of freedom and love and unity return. This means life of abundance, clarity and lightness. The responsibility for one's own life can be reclaimed again, the manipulability gradually disappears.

Peace, tranquility, silence and awareness take hold. Relaxation and de-stressing start to enter one's life. The soul plan can be realized.

The blueprint is the biggest divine protection.
It weakens certain chemical substances. For example, it is possible that certain drugs are amplified when they are good for the body, but others that are harmful to the body no longer work.
It is possible that certain dietary behaviors (e.g., no longer wanting meat, certain foods no longer taste good to you ... because they contain substances that are not good for the body).

  • The burden of ancestors and family starts to lighten up.
  • The struggling stops.
  • Protection from nuclear radiation
  • Protection against manipulations that are invisible to us (chips, cell phones, TV broadcasts)

And much more ...

How does the blueprint support everyday life?
Old behavior patterns are dissolved. The blueprint reveals certain underlying patterns step by step. Built-up pressure can thus disappear. The blueprint reveals many things: certain towers collapse, tightness in the body is dissolved, softened, sometimes a cough and a lot of phlegm - without being sick ... The past is dissolved, released, masks fall. Possibly first there is tension ... then relaxation ... arrogance, envy, judgment gradually disappears ...
It is a transformation for all cells. The blueprint shakes up many things and introduces change into your life.


When the loving energy starts to appear, then the greatest possible healing can occur. The blueprint is the divine legacy to us, out of love, for us and our planet.

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