Pure happiness - Your akashic chronicle

Reconnecting with the akashic chronicle
brings truth and clarity into your life

This is an enormously deep and very comprehensive project because the impact on one' s life is so extensive and individual.

Having your own Akashic Chronicle available again in your life means immeasurable vastness, happiness, health, peace, vitality, freedom, abundance and above all pure clarity - on all levels.

Humanity is currently connected to a false Akashic Chronicle. This false Akasha Chronicle is located in the Vatican. Here it is completely irrelevant which religion one belongs to, whether one was baptized or not.

Through the screen of forgetfulness that every soul had to go through created incarnation loops, every soul was constantly reconnected to the wrong Akashic Chronicle in every incarnation. Life after life. This was very profitable for a very special group that controlled this planet.

And there was no escape from it. Until now.

Now we are receiving help from the elders of all universes. These levels of consciousness are pure love and they are accompanying us humans step by step, to free ourselves again from this imprisonment through knowledge, love, and self-empowerment.

This requires our unconditional YES for this step(s) into our freedom.

Freedom means: Getting out of the lack of love, of plenitude, of lightness and into vitality, joy of life, health and into the immeasurable wealth on all levels of our being. To live life as our soul consciousness has always intended it for us.

To be reconnected to your own Akashic Chronicle means that your soul book, which you have written for yourself, gets reintegrated into your life and each of your cells is filled with yourself. Also, the access to all the manipulated levels of false chronicles will be closed forever and everything that was manifested by the other species in our bodies has to leave.

Because in none of our true life books is anything written about sickness, lack, death, loss, or the such. This is not unconditional love, and after all, we all originated from unconditional love. This love means our true being is always boundless health, boundless abundance, immortality, freedom, the joy of life, and infinite peace.

As soon as we are reconnected to our own Akashic Chronicle, not only the opening to the false chronicle closes but also a dimensional gate that has been used again and again to prevent us from remembering our origin.

The day we are reconnected to our very own Akashic Chronicle, we begin to feel and live our true humanness deeper and deeper every day. This can be felt physically, mentally, and spiritually very clearly and powerfully and is such an immeasurably great unconditional gift of pure love to ourselves.

This project involves a quantum leap of awareness and change in the lives of all participants. Since the transformations are so profound and extensive, we decided to accompany this as a long-term research project.

Seminar price: 2,412 euros

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