Archons are or were the true rulers over planet Earth and its inhabitants.

The consciousness of the archons is very, very powerful and very, very deeply interwoven into the structures and into the system of these forms of government, religions and into the structures of the different countries and continents.

All these structures and systems are always built on separation. Because only with the consciousness of separation people are so much manipulable that they are even ready to go to wars and to kill.

However, this has never been created in the true consciousness of man and could only be initiated by the powerful consciousness of the archons.

This form of consciousness has been able to manifest itself on all levels and also very deeply in the consciousness of humankind. Therefore, it is not very easy to see through and illuminate these levels.

It is very important that we free ourselves from this consciousness of the archons. Humanity now has at its disposal a formula that will bring liberation from the consciousness of the archons.

This formula is EXTREMELY powerful and intense. It is transmitted once and causes a deep change on a level that I was not even a slightest aware of before.

It is a quantum leap into a new consciousness and into a new lightness, which becomes effective from within. Happiness and love begin to flow freely again and the clarity of vision of why we are here on this planet becomes powerfully tangible again.

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