Hello and welcome

My name is Stefan Annrai Sieberer.

Ever since I discovered my calling a few years ago, I have been working around the globe as an energetic practitioner, spiritual surgeon and mediumistic healer. Following my heart and contributing something positive to this world is exactly my purpose being here.

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and my story.

About me


Bluepring initiation
and opening of the divine timelines

The blueprint is the divine field, the purest divine vibration and the place from which we originate. The blueprint is energy from the quantum field, it is pure, intelligent love energy. With the blueprint we are reconnected with the divine image of our soul, so that the divine order is given the opportunity to take place in our life and we are gradually reconnected with our original creative power.

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During the first part of the activation of the light body,
the chakras are verticalized.

This is associated with a profound purification that reaches into past lives. In the process, the vibration is raised so that the power of manifestation to create one's own life from abundance increases a thousandfold with each cleansed and verticalized chakra. At the same time, one strand of the original 36-strand DNA is reactivated at a time. It is a matter of re-accepting the whole power of the divinely realized human being on earth.

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Acitvation of the light body


The medial healer training means to be able to
heal yourself, so that you can heal others.

The Medial Healer Training offers you time to let your love grow stronger and stronger - the love for oneself. And this love also lets you be conscious of it. It needs your respect, your mindfulness and your devotion to yourself and the devotion to the Divine.

The most important connection is to your heart, and there is no single approach to it.

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As a Medial Healer and Spiritual Surgeon, planning is crucial, which is why all appointments such as trips, seminars & workshops are always scheduled at the beginning of the year.

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